PPI Team

  • Professor Anne Rogers

    Professor of Health Systems Implementation & Director NIHR CLAHRC Wessex

    Theme 5 Lead

  • Professor Lisette Schoonhoven

    Professor of Nursing

    Theme 3 joint lead - PPI staff link

  • Mark Stafford-Watson

    Co-chair of WISeRD & Public Contributor

    Theme 1 PPI Champion

  • Martin Simpson-Scott

    Administration Officer

  • Mal North RN

    Research Fellow and Respiratory Nurse Specialist

    Theme 1 PPI Staff Link

  • Liz James

    Senior Research Assistant, Faculty of Health Sciences, research lead on Isle of Wight GENIE project

    Theme 5 PPI Staff Link

  • Stephen Lim

    Clinical Research Fellow

    Theme 2 PPI Staff Link

  • Dr Jo Hope

    Research Fellow

    Theme 3 PPI Staff Link

  • Jackie Seeley

    Theme 4 PPI Staff LInk

  • Dr Michelle Myall

    Senior Research and Implementation Fellow

    Theme 6 PPI Staff Link

  • Cynthia Russell

    Theme 2 PPI Champion

  • Anya De Longh

    Public Contributor

    Theme 3 PPI Champion

  • Dr Karen Postle

    Theme 4 PPI Champion

  • Sandy Ciccognani

    Public Contributor

    Theme 5 PPI Champion

  • Sally Dace

    Full-time Carer

    Theme 6 PPI Champion

  • Megan Barlow-Pay

    PPI Officer NIHR Research Design Service South Central

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