The Research Team

  • Projects

    Dr Tom Monks

    Director of CLAHRC Wessex Data Science Hub

  • Projects

    Marion Penn

    Research Fellow in Operational Research

  • Projects

    Matt Johnson

    Clinical Informatics

  • Projects

    Mal North RN

    Research Fellow and Respiratory Nurse Specialist

    Theme 1 PPI Staff Link

  • Projects

    Dr Alex Recio-Saucedo

    Research Fellow in Health Services Evaluation

  • Projects

    Dr Rudabeh Meskarian

    Research Fellow in Data Science

  • Dr Melinda Taylor

    Research Fellow - Organisational Behaviour

  • Projects

    Dr David Culliford

    Senior Medical Statistician

    NIHR CLAHRC Wessex Data Science

  • Brad Keogh

    Research Fellow

  • Dr Sharon Xiaowen Lin

    Research fellow and statistician

Paper published with trial evidence providing support for our work on networks and links to community resources.

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